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Privacy Policy for Night Sky Mail


Other than the email addresses that are provided by the visitors to this website, the only information that this website intentionally logs is the number of hits to its web pages. This website uses the Lighttpd web server to serve web pages to its visitors. The creator of this website does not have knowledge of the information that the Lighttpd web server may see about visitors, their IP addresses, computers, or internet browsers in order to perform its function of serving web pages. However, as far as the creator of this website has been able to determine, the Lighttpd web server is configured to not log any information about visitors, their IP addresses, computers, or browsers. In addition, no java scripts, cookies, or any other data is placed on visitors' computers. This website does not attempt to identify or track visitors in any way.

Visitors email addresses will be stored, but they will not be displayed on the website or made public without visitors' permission. With the one exception of occasionally asking for small donates to this website, no email addresses will be used for the purpose of advertising any good or service. No email address will be sold to third parties, nor given to third parties without visitors' permission.

By sharing information with this website, visitors acknowledge that computer security is a difficult undertaking. They further acknowledge that although efforts will be taken consistent with the knowledge of the website's programmers and system administrators to protect their data, there is always the possibility that data may be stolen by a third party. Should this occur, visitors agree not to hold responsible in any way this website, owners of the website, or anyone else in connection with the loss of their data.

This privacy policy may change without notice.